More than
500 000
hours of our service patrolling various objects
We offer comprehensive security for buildings, company premises and shops. Your safety is our top priority. We will also protect you at various cultural and sporting events, with qualified personnel who combine three qualities: reliability, professionalism and flexibility.
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of experience
More than
More than
hours of service
on premises
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Our experience speaks for itself: over 500,000 hours of service on various objects, patrolling by personal protection or mobile security patrols. Our qualified staff treats every client with the utmost reliability. We want to make you feel safe.
We understand that ensuring security for company premises, shops, or individuals requires high commitment 24/7. That's why all of our qualified guards are experts in their field. Regardless of your financial budget, we will provide suitable personnel who are always fully professional.
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We offer an individual and flexible approach to our clients. We are aware of the diverse requirements of our clients. So, whether you are organizing a large sports event or own a smaller business and need night security, we will customize a tailor-made alternative solution.
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