Our speciality
We provide comprehensive security for buildings, company premises, and shops. We will provide protection at various cultural, athletic, and social events. Thanks to our flexibility, one of the key pillars of Virtus Security, we can also provide other security services for our clients, besides those listed below. Our job is to protect your security, and we will do our best to do so.
Physical security
Do you need to secure your store or other business premises? Physical security is for the general public, not just retail chains or office buildings. The goal is to minimize security risks, or, even better, to prevent them.
In this area, we provide, for example:
  • controlling and registering persons and vehicles on the premises,
  • patrolling activities, including recording and evaluation,
  • preventing criminal activities of employees, etc
  • operating security technologies,
  • communication with the emergency services,
  • solving possible emergencies.
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Organizing service
Are you organizing a sporting, cultural or another social event? We will help you keep order and peace at the event. Public gathering places have higher security requirements, so our staff is trained to deal with specific situations.
As part of our event security, we provide services such as:
  • checking the authorization of persons to enter the event,
  • preventing visitors from entering unwanted areas,
  • protecting the property of organizers and participants,
  • car park security,
  • setting order,
  • evacuating persons, if necessary.
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Mobile patrol
Would you need someone to patrol your property, but physical security is not enough? The mobile patrol, including a canine escort, will inspect the company premises within a specified time and scope. We are able to help you to prevent break-ins or the consequences of vandalism or floods and fires.
As part of our mobile patrol service, we provide services such as:
  • regular inspection of the building,
  • evaluating and recording irregular occurrences,
  • canine accompaniment during inspections,
  • preventing burglary or vandalism.
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Security consultation
Do you need help in preventing security risks? We find weak points such as risk zones or identify blind spots and develop appropriate security solutions. We draw on many years of experience and share our established know-how with you.
As part of our security consulting services, we provide services such as:
  • security audit, including assessment of the relationship with suppliers,
  • corporate investigations of potential risks,
  • finding gaps in protection,
  • proposing solutions to identified blind spots,
  • internal training for clients,
  • assessing the current security situation,
  • customized security systems.
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Other services
Do you have special demands that differ from the offers listed above? We will provide you with individual security according to your requirements.
Thanks to our flexibility and numerous qualified personnel, we are also able to provide:
  • reception services,
  • detective specialist,
  • personal protection,
  • activities in the field of occupational health and safety,
  • connection to the central security desk,
other similar services tailored to your needs.
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